Everything in the current era invites us to change, to transform ourselves, to adapt, …

However, as with our reactions to climate change, there is no real indication that we are significantly changing our behaviour.

There are many reasons for this generalized inertia, but one reason is unanimous: Lack of time.

This time scarcity has become deeply entrenched in our professional and personal lives, to the point of developing a powerful paradox:

The more our hyperactive agendas fill up, the more we develop a feeling of inefficiency and dissatisfaction, like a hamster in a wheel.


This pandemic affects us all, to the point of altering our mental and physical integrity. We have become handicapped by time, paralysed by breakdowns in the future, at a time when the need for transformation has never been greater.


The Planet Sapiens Foundation helps the younger generation understand time and make it their own to create remarkable futures.

We train, equip and support young leaders and entrepreneurs to become the Pioneers of the Future of companies 2030, who will shift businesses into a more efficient economy for humanity.

Who are we?


The mission of the Planet Sapiens Foundation, through the programme “THE TIME PROJECT”, is to act to disseminate an understanding of time that favours humanist commitment to economic and societal transformations in the face of current global challenges.

The Time Workshop is one of the powerful tools it provides but not the only one.


It organises meetings, designs and publishes information content focusing on

Education through scientific knowledge
Positive vision of the future

The Planet Sapiens Foundation was created by Christian Kelma and Frederik Leloup.

Our ambition is to make companies one of the driving forces behind the transformation of the world by reviving a new pioneering spirit: Future companies, future humans.

Christian Kelma – Engineer, multi entrepreneur, author, speaker


I lived the first part of my life handicapped by an illness that forced me to live in slow motion and with no future.


At the age of 26, I had the opportunity to activate the “reset” mode, through an NDE: Near Death Experience.

I developed a new relationship with time, which I have been applying successfully for 30 years: Changing our relationship with time broadens the future of existence!

At a time when the lack of a future is affecting the whole planet, “Maintaining an appetite for the future” is a proven solution whose first beneficiaries will be the biggest consumers of time, namely companies.

Frederik LeloupĀ – Multi-entrepreneur, Commercial Engineer, guest teacher, ICF certified coach