Episode 10001


For the first time in the history of Humanity, global changes are perceptible on the scale of a fraction of a generation. Faced with these major, new and multiple risks, Homo Sapiens is condemned to move mountains!

“It is not facts but faith that moves mountains. Facts do not give rise to faith. Faith needs a story that makes sense.

Here is one, ours!

EPISODE 10 001

The positive story of the greatest entrepreneurial project of all time: The Homo Sapiens start-up in its global environment.

Episode 10 001 delivers an educational, positive, common-sense story, carefully designed with brief texts that aims to provide keys to understanding the changes in process and to encourage action.

You will discover how CARE is reconnecting Homo Sapiens 2020 with its spirit of conquest!



255 positive pages + 80 infographics

French texts

20,85 € excl. tax

About the author :

Christian Kelma is a civil engineer by training. An optimist-realist, he undertakes to make people freer and happier.

After 20 years of entrepreneurship, he acts to free the spirit of conquest of individuals and companies through the implementation of a “New Growth”, based on Humanity, entrepreneurship and environment.

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