JACK HILLS – La Clairière Episode 2


After the evolution of Sapiens, this second volume takes us into the “economic models” of our Earth.
We discover how the planet gives us the recipes for its longevity at a time when the sustainability of human societies (companies, organisations, etc.) is universally questioned.
The more knowledge we acquire, the more the complexity of the world becomes apparent to our confined eyes.
The change in our awareness will be of the same order as that which led us to admit that the Earth was not the centre of the universe.

Accessible stories, highly illustrated in infographics, enlightening in design with brief texts.


210 pages
80 infographics and maps
Bilingual texts in French and English
ISBN : 978-2-9572463-2-8


About the author :
The Clearing Project is a collective open to a diversity of profiles. It is composed of scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, historians, sociologists and academics.
They have decided to express themselves collectively to go beyond conventional academic partitions. Their approach is resolutely humanistic and positive in a context of intersecting interests of the planet, humans and companies.

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