A course to update our sense of time

 to become a composer of remarkable futures.

The Workshop of Time as the starting point for a 9-month itinerary in 3 phases

As they progress along this itinerary, participants learn 8 postures, each of which corresponds to the most stressful and anxiety-producing time-related situations in the company.
  • The process is tailored to the operational needs of each participant.
  • It includes continuous individual support, punctuated by 3 quarterly group sessions.
  • Each participant is supported in appropriating the Workshop of Time kit as a module for designing and sharing his or her vision of the future of the projects he or she is responsible for.
THE TIME PROJECT frees teams from the grip of the time handicap in favour of commitment and leadership.
The 3 reasons for the company to use THE TIME PROJECT:
The acceleration of uncertainty and complexity creates a climate of anxiety about transformations.
Digital transformations require the continuous “updating” of employees’ brains.
To continue to attract talent, the company must clearly articulate the future meaning of its business.

THE TIME PROJECT brings out the meaning, vision, courage and appetite for the future in teams.

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