Why a workshop on time?

The lack of time concerns us all.
It makes us anxious and prevents us from planning ahead.
It makes us time-disabled, like the hamster in the wheel, with no future.

What if the problem was not so much the lack of time as our inability to understand and perceive it for what it really is?

Drawing on modern physics and neuroscience, we have created the Workshop of Time: The starting point of a journey to update our “Sense of Time” where “enemy time” is transformed into ” Capacity to interact with events” and the anxiety of time scarcity gives way to confidence in our abilities to create remarkable futures.

Managing time is good. Creating remarkable futures is better.


The kit for creating remarkable futures.

A complete solution to take back control of your time 


It is aimed at companies and organisations that are concerned about the well-being at work of their employees and wish to develop the commitment, leadership, performance and creativity of their teams for the benefit of positive and meaningful futures.



Because Big « busyness » is not good for business !


In 3 hours and in teams, you will understand time, project yourself into the future of your projects, materialise it, discover your levers of action on the future and create support around your vision.


Because it sticks to the scientific data of modern physics and neuroscience, the Workshop o Time is a neutral and objective tool.


By mobilising the collective intelligence of the group, the Workshop of Time enables all audiences to positively appropriate the subject of time pressure. By reinventing the links between cause and effect, participants sharpen their discernment and discover their ability to take their future in hand.


The Workshop of Time makes a contemporary scientific reality accessible to all and allows each participant to activate his or her own levers of action. Participants are motivated and equipped to create and implement new solutions within their reach, in the company and in their personal lives.

 The participants highlighted the challenges of a different relationship with time in order to project positive and unifying futures, compatible with uncertainty and complexity.

They are motivated and equipped to create and implement new solutions within their reach through collective and individual actions in the short and medium term.

The Workshop of Time is a complete operational tool designed to transform the “enemy” of time into an ally for all the problems encountered by the company in a more complex and uncertain context than ever.

This handbook is the instruction manual for the workshop of Time.

It contains all the content presented during the training course in graphic form, but above all it is your personal roadmap that will accompany you on a daily basis in your projects to help you compose remarkable futures.

144 pages to discover and learn how to develop your “SENSE OF TIME”.

Available in French and English

Expressing the future you want is a much more difficult exercise than it seems.

This is why we designed the TREE OF TIME.


A unique low-tech creation kit to express the future of your projects and unite around your vision.

Lack of time has become the shortage that most compromises initiative-taking.

The challenge is to free ourselves from the hamster syndrome by “hacking” our sensory organ of time: the brain.

 The Tree of Time is a powerful manual tool whose continued use over time reactivates fundamental but untapped skills in our 100% digital environments.

A practical tool whose regular use will gradually lead you to a profound transformation of your relationship with time.


By allowing the visualisation and sharing of the desired futures of your projects, it contributes to expressing and spreading the meaning of each of your activities.

On the basis of components that are themselves full of meaning.

Future of your project in Business as usual mode

Future of your project in “Tree of Time” mode

And you, the future of your project in Premium mode, how do you express it?

The ambition of the Workshop of Time is to transform our postures of “time handicapped” paralysed by future breakdowns into composers of remarkable futures.

This is not a marginal correction but a profound transformation to radically change the perception of time.

At the end of the 3-hour training course and in possession of their “pack”, the participants will return to their daily lives.

We have implemented an annual programme of follow-up and assistance in their concrete problems which is reserved for them to accompany them for 12 months after the Workshop.

The mission of the Planet Sapiens Foundation, through the programme “THE TIME PROJECT”, is to act to disseminate an understanding of time that favours humanist commitment to the implementation of economic and societal transformations in the face of current global challenges.

The Workshop of Time is one of the powerful tools it provides, but not the only one.

It organises meetings, designs and publishes information content focused on:

Continuous education through scientific knowledge

Positive vision of the future


All participants in the Time Workshops receive invitations to these meetings and have unlimited access to the content produced by the Planet Sapiens Foundation.


The Workshop of Time allows you to :

– Expressing, concretely materializing and getting teams to adhere to transformation projects

– Bringing out the meaning, commitment and appetite for the future

– Overcoming limiting beliefs in a collaborative approach

– Developing the achievement of individuals and teams by enabling them to act on what they are best at

– Creating a pioneering ‘New Start’ mindset

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