The Workshop of Time


In this age of widespread shortages, there is one that is truly universal: lack of time.

This shortage of time has become deeply entrenched in our professional and personal lives, to the point of developing a powerful paradox: The more our hyperactive agendas fill up, the more we develop a feeling of inefficiency and dissatisfaction, like a hamster in a wheel.

This contradiction affects us all, to the point of altering our mental and physical integrity. We have become time-disabled, paralysed by breakdowns in the future, at a time when the need for transformation has never been greater.

Faced with this vital urgency, the Workshop of Time, based on modern physics and neuroscience, opens the way to an understanding of time adapted to the challenges of our time.

This handbook is the instruction manual for the Workshop of Time. It presents 9 concrete keys to free yourself from « enemy time » and become the composer of remarkable futures.


Because big busyness is not good for business !


This book is the result of 33 years of research, reflexions, encounters and time experiences in the entrepreneurial world by its author.


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144 pages + 60 infographics +20 pages of personalised questionnaires


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About the author :

Christian Kelma is an engineer, multi-entrepreneur, author and speaker

Founder of the Planet Sapiens Foundation

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