A commitment booster for all your needs

Because lack of time has become the shortage that most compromises bold initiatives,
we reinvent your perception of time to develop an appetite for the future within your teams.

No more demotivating future breakdowns

You want to act for the promising future of your company but you feel helpless in the face of an unreadable future.
We have created THE TIME PROJECT, a unique tool to understand time, make it your own and act now to implement the future you want.

A unique value proposition:

From time manager to composer of remarkable futures.


Starting point of THE TIME PROJECT, the Workshop of Time equips employees, by reinventing the relationship with time in the company, make the future of your projects attractive and motivating.


Your pioneering spirit becomes unlimited!

Because understanding time is gaining in :

Leadership through the development of discernment and commitment skills
Reinforcing the sense of enterprise that is essential for retaining and attracting talent
New potential for sustainable growth by boosting creativity and initiative
Well-being of teams by deconstructing anxiety about uncertainty and complexity

Changing our relationship to time broadens the future of existence.

How do we act?
“If you can reinvent a certainty as deep as time, no transformation will ever be impossible.”

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